Monday, January 20, 2020

Ford spares (code 437120)

Body parts, Engines, gearboxes, piston,piston
ring,cylinder head and crankshaft, camshaft, engine bearing, alternator, Brake disc and pad, Transmission parts, wheel
bearing, belt,bumper, tensioner, pulley, headlights, spotlight cover, doors, mirror,shocks, control arm,Clutch disc and
plate, Spark plug, ignition coil, Pump: oil pump, water pump, fuel pump,fender, Axle, Car controls, Check engine light, De
Carbon, Drive shaft, Dumb iron, Fuel gauge, Fuel line.

Gear stick, Ground speed radar, Ignition switch, Jump seat, Long
travel suspension, Lug nut, Master cylinder, Muffler, Odometer, Oil filter, Quantum compass, Radiator, Rear-view mirror,
Roadometer (odometer), Safety reflector, Seat belt, Skid plate and Speedometer, Oil filter, Diesel filter, Air cleaner
element, Ball joint, Tie rod end,Drunk link, Stabilizer link, Fan belt, Control rubber, Shock absorber, wheels, tyres and

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